Diamex Laboratory

Who we are

Our laboratory

For over 60 years, Laboratoire Diamex has been at the service of grooming professionals, developing and manufacturing care products and shampoos for pets.

Thanks to their collaboration and experience, we have been able to develop specific products that respect animal welfare. It’s important to stress that, of course, no animal testing is carried out.

It’s also thanks to professionals such as groomers, vets and breeders that Laboratoire Diamex has become a key player in the pet sector.

Laboratoire Diamex is proud to be the privileged partner of the DIAMEX TEAM, the Belgian grooming team.

Our cosmetics

Laboratoire Diamex has developed a complete range of cosmetics and pet care products.

We offer shampoos, conditioners, lotions, conditioners and balms for dogs and cats.

Our cosmetics have multiple properties: cleansing, anti-parasite, detangling or protective.

Our cosmetics are made from high-quality natural products (from France and Europe) with animal welfare in mind.