Diamex laboratory history

Our history

A passion for dogs

Frank Grandjean has been an animal lover from an early age. Particularly passionate about dogs, he created “Welkept”, a kennel of American Staffordshire Terriers and Czech Terriers when he was just 22.

Frank takes part in dog beauty contests in the Benelux countries and all over France.

He won several titles, including Belgian Champion, European Champion and World Champion (youth class).

Over the years, Frank has diversified its ranges and developed its export business.

Today, with its experience and dynamic team, the company is expanding rapidly.

From salesman to owner

At the same time, Frank’s wife Nathalie undertakes a grooming course with one of Belgium’s top groomers. Frank then became interested in animal cosmetics and became a freelance sales representative for DIAMEX. After a few years, he was offered the opportunity to acquire the brand. Convinced of the company’s potential, he bought it and renamed it  Laboratoire Diamex  .

A passion for dogs is at the heart of the Diamex laboratory's activities

Frank and his team have developed a range of animal-friendly cosmetics.

A relationship of trust

From then on, he travelled the length and breadth of Belgium selling his cosmetics to groomers, and did so for 20 years.

Over the years, Frank has built up a relationship of trust with his customers, which has enabled him to establish a reputation throughout Belgium.

He surrounded himself with people he could trust, such as Luc Koll, a wholesaler to whom he entrusted the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium.

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Our cosmetics

Diamex has developed a complete range of professional care products.